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Legg inn av dn » 06 jan Hi Trond, Happy New Year and my apologies for taking so long to get back to you about Peder Anker Bjørnstad. Okay, I have done a bit of 'digging' online into the life of Peder Anker and have sadly come up with nothing.

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However, this bit of news should not discourage you, as there are other options. From the little I know of Peder's life in Canada, this is how I think unfolded for him upon his arrival in Canada.

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First, since he was a landed immigrant when he arrived in Halifax in the Province of Nova Scotia, I have a feeling that he would have met with a Canadian immigration agent based in Norway. He and the agent must have talked about his future in Canada and at that time most of the immigration was going to the Canadian Prairies the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba as immigrants were being given land grants homestead and could own their own land farm in just three years.

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The immigration record shows that he went to Winnipeg, so about a three- to four-day trip on the train from Halifax to Winnipeg. There he would have likely speed dating i siljan with Canadian immigration or settlement officials to help him find work.

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Anyhow, this is just a bit of speculation on my part, but something to this effect would have happended. So, it looks like he spent some time in Winnipeg in the Province of Manitoba before making his way west to Speed dating norway sørreisa in the Province of Saskatchewan.

If he was using the name Peter Bjornstad, it does not look like applied speed dating norway sørreisa a homestead from the Canadian government.

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So, I think the first thing to do is to pursue the surnames that he was using. If he gave Bjornstad as his surname to the immigration and shipping line then I would think that he might continue to use that surname, but as it's noted in this forum's posts, he might have used Prøis.

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He might well have used Eriksen, which was commonly, but not always spelt 'Erickson'. What needs to happen now is I have to make a trip to the Library and Archives Canada in order to see if I can find him in the city directories for Winnipeg and Saskatoon.

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Most cities in Canada, especially Winnipeg and Saskatoon compiled a type of registry for all it citizens. One was produced for each city every year.

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So, I'm pretty confident that he'll show up in the Winnipeg Henderson Directory as it's called and later in the Saskatoon Henderson Directory. I'll check all varients of the surname and this should find him.

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Once I have located him and found out which surname he was using then I can look into other sources. For example, he might well have become a naturalised Canadian British Subject. If this is the case, then his naturalisation file would hold a wealth of information, including information on a wife or children.

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Perhaps you could e-mail at home erik4 sympatico.

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