Sjøholt single

sjøholt single

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There is currently no single test or sjøholt single that can be used as a biological parameter for recovery after exercise. As such, miRNA plays an important role in physiological stress reactions that occur during and after physical training regulation of cell metabolism, mitochondrial metabolism, hypoxia, cell death, stimulation of new blood vessel networks in muscle, tissue regeneration, etc.

In the project "The effect of specific sprint and strength training on sprint abilities and performance in trained cyclists", we have received external part financing from Olympiatoppen to examine miRNA profiles in blood - before and after exercise.

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Natural continuation of this project is to implement a multi-parametric analysis where we look at the findings from magnetic resonance imaging MRImagnetic resonance spectroscopy MRSultrasound, miRNA and metabolites from muscle tissue and comparing this against the physical and cognitive performance to measure the impact of training also in other population groups.

We want to establish a set of measurable and sensitive biomarkers for assess effects of training. Thigh muscles easiest by microneedle biopsy sampling will be the focus area for this project.

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