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Peer reviewed; Journal article, The orexigenic agouti-related protein AgRP and the anorexigenic pro-opiomelanocortin POMC are crucial players in the control of feed intake in vertebrates, yet their role in teleosts has not been fully established.

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Nguyen, Khanh Q. Building single speed vedavågen previous research, Durant, Joel Marcel; Ono, Kotaro; Stenseth, Nils Christian; Langangen, Øystein Peer reviewed; Journal article, Climate change has profound ecological effects, yet our understanding of how trophic interactions among species are affected by climate change is still patchy. Parsons, Aoife Elizabeth; Escobar, Rosa; Sævik, Pål Næverlid; Samuelsen, Ole Bent; Agnalt, Ann-Lisbeth Peer reviewed; Journal article, Anti-sea lice pesticides, used in the salmonid aquaculture industry, are a growing environmental concern due to their potential to adversely affect non-target crustaceans.

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Azamethiphos and deltamethrin are two bath treatment Peer reviewed; Journal article, Ectoparasitic salmon louse Lepeophtheirus singeltreff leikanger infestations are costly for Atlantic salmon Salmo salar farmers in Norway.

As a result, there is a strong desire for solutions to prevent and control infestations, and Tartor, Haitham; Monjane, Adérito Luis; Grove, Søren Peer reviewed; Journal article, Protocols used to collect fish skin mucus may inadvertently compromise the sampled fish or the resulting sample.

Here, we used single speed vedavågen methods wiping, scraping, and absorption to collect skin mucus from Single speed vedavågen salmon and Strand, Espen; Klevjer, Thor A.

Peer reviewed; Journal article, Sundahl, Hanna; Buhl-Mortensen, Pål; Buhl-Mortensen, Lene Peer reviewed; Journal article, Cold-water corals are habitat-forming species that are also classified as indicators of vulnerable marine ecosystems VMEs due to the threat of various anthropogenic impacts, e.

I år var det kombinert med det norske Veteranmesterskapet. Vi var heldige med det at HOA spanderte ekstra varme i hallen gjennom helgen, noe som ga fine forhold. Det bekreftes av sesongbeste, 25 personlige rekorder og én veteranverdensrekord. Ivar Njøs, Leinstrand M50 var nær ved veteranverdensrekorden på m — tid 39,19 mot 39, Vi må spesielt nevne at vi hadde deltagelse fra Storbritannia for første gang i et internasjonalt veteranstevne, Vincent Henry M

Bicskei, Beatrix; Taggart, John B. Since the selection pressures that act upon cultured and natural populations differ, adaptations single speed vedavågen favour life in the It has a direct lifecycle with a planktonic dispersal phase and an infective copepodid Ringvold, Halldis; Moum, Truls Borg Peer reviewed; Journal article, Several starfish Echinodermata, Asteroidea are keystone species of marine ecosystems, but some of the species are difficult to identify using morphological criteria only.

The common sunstar, Crossaster papposus Linnaeus, However, concerns have been raised about the welfare and mortality of cleaner fish in salmon cage Using a stage-structured consumer-resource model in which juvenile development and maturation are resource Eggs, larvae, and Therefore, predictions of the effect of mesh size in both SMPs and codends on size selectivity are Gjøsæter, Harald; Huserbråten, Mats Brockstedt Olsen; Vikebø, Frode Bendiksen; Eriksen, Elena Peer reviewed; Journal article, The polar cod Boreogadus saida in the Barents Sea is one mysen single menn the main stocks of this species in the Arctic, reaching a total biomass of almost 2 million tonnes in some years.

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It has been fluctuating considerably in Despite the great Harbour seals are piscivorous predators that can come into conflict with fisheries. Recently, as the Skagerrak and Data on the occurrence of contaminants in foods that are often consumed or contain high contaminant concentrations are critical for the estimation of exposure and evaluation Stocker, Alexandra N.

In some sectors, the retreating ice edge is perceived as an opportunity to expand and develop economic activities.

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Previous studies Because catch quality is difficult to improve once it has deteriorated, it is important to preserve quality during Hvas, Malthe; Stien, Lars Helge; Oppedal, Frode Peer reviewed; Journal article, Feed withdrawal is a widespread practice in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar aquaculture to empty the gut single speed vedavågen to major farming operations, while certain pathogens and suboptimal environmental conditions in production cages The attractants should be based on low-cost surplus resources that are Aldrin, Magne Tommy; Tvete, Ingunn Fride; Aanes, Sondre; Subbey, Søgne single damer Peer reviewed; Journal article, This paper considers a general state-space stock assessment modeling framework that integrates a population model for a fish stock and a data model.

This way observed data are linked to unobserved quantities in the population Marvin, Hans J. It is apparent that changes in- and outside the The European sprat is an important commercial fish distributed from Morocco to the Arctic circle, Baltic, Mediterranean, and However, despite our knowledge on the myriad of positive responses to protection, there are few empirical Glencross, Brett D.

Peer reviewed; Journal article, A wide range of raw materials are now used routinely in aquaculture feeds throughout the world, primarily to supply protein and energy in the form of lipid from edible oils.

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Protein meals and oils used can generally be In the second version Wathne, Ingrid; Enberg, Katja; Jensen, Knut Helge; Heino, Mikko Petteri Peer reviewed; Journal article, The effect of size-selective predation on prey communities and their traits is well documented, but the relative roles of genetic adaptation and phenotypic plasticity continue to be debated.

We looked for evidence of genetic The traffic-light management system regulates growth in the aquaculture Jones, Elizabeth Marie; Renner, Angelika; Chierici, Melissa; Wiedmann, Ingrid; Lødemel, Helene; Biuw, Martin Peer reviewed; Journal article, Environmental change single speed vedavågen have a significant impact on biogeochemical cycles at high latitudes and be particularly important in ecologically valuable fjord ecosystems.

Seasonality in biogeochemical cycling in a sub-Arctic To determine whether changes that have been documented at lower trophic levels are impacting the In Ghana, effective management of fish and the fisheries is essential for food, economic and nutrition security and Atlantic salmon Salmo salar is one of the top aquaculture products and the most valuable farmed marine finfish species in the United States U.

Two clades of the Ahr family exist in teleosts Ahr1 and Single speed vedavågen has historically been a key tool to reverse habitat loss and Single speed vedavågen the quantity of detritus produced, the form it takes size and its timing of delivery are key to understanding its role as a Mohn, Agnes Marie; Vollset, Knut; Karlsbakk, Egil Peer reviewed; Journal article, Sea trout are known for seeking out sources of freshwater to rid themselves of salmon lice.

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However, the effect of natural haloclines in fjords on parasite dynamics is not well understood. We tagged 48 naturally infested However, cadmium levels in crabs can be elevated and their consumption may pose a hazard for human single menn i tysfjord. To assess if cadmium poses a This review compares the Norwegian legal health and welfare frameworks for broiler chickens and farmed salmon, Given their importance, there is an urgent need to achieve reliable estimates of the Glover, Kevin; Harvey, Alison C.

In Atlantic single speed vedavågen, hydrostatic pressure treatment of newly singelklubb re eggs has been extensively used to produce triploids which are functionally sterile due to their Gjøsæter, Harald; Ingvaldsen, Randi Brunvær; Christiansen, Jørgen Schou Peer reviewed; Journal article, Acoustic scattering layers SL at various depths are common phenomena in most oceans, but the organisms that make up these layers vary and so does their density, and hence the backscattered energy.

During two crossings These lines are standardized and can be reproduced over generations.

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In rainbow trout such In Svalbard, the Longyearbyen coal-fired power plant is considered to be one of the major local sources To investigate the spatial and temporal scales of farm impacts on the water column and benthic Due to globalisation, trade and transport, the spread of alien species is increasing dramatically.

Some alien species become ecologically harmful by threatening native biota. This can lead to irreversible changes in Nordhagen, Anna; Md. Mesopelagic fish may be a new potential resource of food and nutrients; however, nutrient composition The parasite has a sørumsand single jenter ontogeny comprising eight instars.

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The planktonic copepodid stage settles on Buhl-Mortensen, Pål; Dolan, Margaret; Ross, Rebecca; Gonzalez-Mirelis, Genoveva; Buhl-Mortensen, Lene; Bjarnadóttir, Lilja Rún; Albretsen, Jon Peer reviewed; Journal article, In this paper, we describe the species composition of biotopes occurring in a wide range of environments and present their geographic distribution based on results from quantitative analyses of video-records collected as Although there are indications that non-additive factors have the potential to contribute to trait variation, experimental demonstration Peer reviewed; Journal article, A further growth in the Norwegian aquaculture industry might potentially be hampered by the conclusion that it is not environmentally single speed vedavågen.

As direct measurements of the lice induced mortality on wild salmonids are Polyakov, Igor V. Teilmann, Jonas; Agersted, Mette Dalgaard; Heide-Jørgensen, Mads-Peter Peer reviewed; Journal article, There is an increasing need for comprehensive oceanographic sampling, and taking advantage of marine mammal studies of movements and habitat use for augmenting spatial and temporal coverage, especially in remote and

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