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Overview[ edit ] From 1 January the focus was moved from the individual cities to their corresponding municipalities. Norwegian municipalities were classified as bykommune urban municipality or herredskommune rural municipality.

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The distinction was rescinded by The Local Government Act of The municipalities were ordered by so-called municipality numbersfour-digit codes based on ISO NO which in were assigned to each municipality. Urban municipalities got a municipality number in single bardu the third digit was a zero.

For instance when the urban municipality Brevik merged with the urban municipality Porsgrunn and the rural municipality Eidangerthe new municipality was called Porsgrunn and retained its municipality number.

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On another note, when the urban municipality Hønefoss was merged with the rural municipalities HoleNorderhovTyristrand and Ådal to form the new municipality RingerikeRingerike retained the old municipality number of Hønefoss. Beforethe city status was awarded by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development.

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Now the issue is decided by each municipality council and is formally accepted by the state. Since a municipality must have a minimum of 5, inhabitants in order to declare city status for one of its settlements.

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In the municipality council naustdal singelklubben Bardu declared city status for Setermoenonly to be rejected because the municipality fell short of the population limit. One exception is Honningsvåg in Nordkappwhere the municipality single bardu has less than 5, inhabitants but declared city status before the limit was implemented by law in A number of relatively small settlements are now called by, such as Brekstad with 1, inhabitants and Kolvereid with 1, inhabitants.

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On another note, the laws of allowed some settlements which lost their city status in the s to regain it. Oslofounded in [ citation needed ], is the largest city and the capital of Norway. Cities and towns in Norway[ edit ] Note that in most cases the population listed here is that of the municipality, including other villages, not just the urban centre.

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In the government decided to abolish some of the counties and to merge them with other counties to form larger ones, reducing the number of counties from 19 to 11, to be implemented from

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