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Tilbudet gjelder i perioden Kontakt oss for pristilbud. Vi kan nå tilby Sky-basert lisens som er meget enkel å administrere. Lisensvarianter Single User License Both the software and the license key are installed on the client machine.

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Multi User Floating License Client Both the software and the license key are installed on each client machine that needs to use the software. This will self-regulate over a LAN, permitting only the purchased number of licenses to run at any given time.

Multi-user licenses of all types require one product set for all of the users. A USB Dongle is also required on the server.

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The Keyserver will allow the purchased number of licenses to be run simultaneously on a single subnet. It will not authorise across subnets and will not route outside a LAN. The server must be able to open outbound https connections in order for the distributed license to work.

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The IP address of the server must be provided and will then be embedded in the license key before a distributed license can be used. The Keyserver is rented from Labcenter and a new license key will be required periodically for the Keyserver to continue working. There is no direct cost associated with renewing the Keyserver but we may insist that security updates are applied i.

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We will also refuse to issue a new license key if the terms of the Keyserver EULA have been breached. For example, licenses have been rented, sublet or re-licensed to other parties. The distributed license will enable licensing from anywhere in the world across the internet.

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A price premium therefore applies to this type of license and it is made available solely at Re pris på singel discretion. Ved å fornye lisensen gis samme tilbud for 12 nye mndr. Alle priser er i norske kroner NOK ekskl. Med forbehold om trykkfeil og valutaendringer.

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