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Today, Russia practices attacks at what for centuries used to be the hub of eastbound economic and cultural cooperation. How did Vardø become an express bomb target for Moscow? The building of a new American radar is just a part of the answer. And armed forces sign states that one may not take photos of the radar, though that is hardly to be understood in a literal sense.

Just below the Town Hall, along the waterfront, Gry-Anita Kristiansen is directing paint boxes, flower holders and bags of soil.

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This is June and in a couple of weeks, the Pomor Festival takes place in Vardø. Worn, old fences receive fresh øystre slidre singel of paint, yellow flower boxes decorate street corners. We ask her what she thinks of the radar. Vardø has a strategic position in the world.

So, you can understand that it is there, she says. Important tax revenues Few people know how many employees there are at the Vardø radar. However, there is not much doubt that the armed forces are the biggest employer in Vardø, save for the local authorities. Thus, criticizing the radar may be a dating steder vardø opinion to voice in a town with just over 2, inhabitants.

The local bank has paid for paint and flowers. Tax revenues from people employed at or with the radar are most welcome at the municipality. Kristiansen argues that Vardø should get more. Perhaps the local authorities should receive an annual sum from the Defense in order to develop the town? Tone Lise Rostad 51 was born and raised in Vardø.

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She now lives in Drøbak, near Oslo, but spends all her holidays up north. People even attack for things you should not have said. They attack you in the media too if you voice your opinion. There are no traces of that fortress, however, a new fortress was built in the 15th century. On 17 JulyVardø received its charter as a town and it is, along with Hammerfest, the oldest town in Northern Norway.

Extensive fisheries and Pomor trade with Russia caused Vardø to have some 3, inhabitants around year That is more than today.

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Decline in fisheries since the s have led to a gradual reduction of population numbers. For an equally long period of time, Norway has been transparent about Norwegian authorities cooperating with the USA about what goes on at the Defense Station Vardø, which is its official name, just a few kilometers dating steder vardø from the Russian border when viewed from the air.

A new radar building has come up over the past year next to the old one, which has been in operation since the s. The intelligence service says on its web pages that this is an upgrade and modernization of a system that has almost reached its expiry date.

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It is easier to see that the new building has a much larger dimension than the old one. The official stance in Norway has been very elusive in providing information about the new radar facility. When Norwegian broadcaster NRK wanted to film the offloading of equipment for the radar, arriving in Vardø by means of an American vessel last winter, a transport worker tried stopping the reporter. The case was reported to the policeonly to later be dismissed.

The equipment that is to be placed inside the radar has been developed and constructed in the USA. The assembling takes place using American engineers and technicians.

Thus, it dating steder vardø perhaps to be expected that the rhetorical statements from Moscow were to dating steder vardø more outspoken and harsher, and to become more frequent than before. However, was Norway prepared for Russian fighter planes to practice bombing Vardøwhich happened both on 24 March and on 14 February ? Or was it prepared for the fact that the Russian Northern Fleet how has deployed a new missile system on the Sredniy peninsula just east of Kirkenes — 70 kilometers away from Vardø?

There is no doubt that Vardø is back on the geopolitical world map. Rich on Russia The people who work up there are just referred to as bird watchers.

Ingrid Eikevik, Museum Hostess If you do not know the past, you cannot understand the present, nor are you fit to shape the future, said the French philosopher Simone Weil. Ever since the Danish king decided to build Vardøhus fortress once dating steder vardø the early s, Russia has been important for the development of Vardø. From the early s onwards, Norwegian authorities grew increasingly worried about Russian influence in its High North. World War 1 and the Russian revolution were to become the beginning of the end of ties between Norway and Russia stretching centuries back in time.

Orthodox fast banned meat Four Russian pomors photographed in Vardø around A. Outside the Pomor museum, the Norwegian and Russian pennants drift in the wind. Museum hostess Ingrid Eikevik 20 is used to receiving visitors who know nothing about this particular part of Norwegian history.

The pomors brought flour and wood to Vardø, and as the Russian orthodox fast banned the pomors form eating meat, fish became an important trade commodity, Eikevik says. As early as in the s, this trade between Russia and Norway took on an organized form; however, it was only towards the late s that the Russian connections started leaving their mark on Vardø. What was once a pure barter trade became money trade. Wine, tea, textiles and luxury goods also entered the market. The Russian ruble was hard currency and Vardø had its own Russian bakeries.

A unique language, Russian-Norwegian, was spoken amongst fish mongers and tradesmen, and Russia had its own consulate in town.

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Trade became crucial for people who lived here, Eikevik says. Eikevik shows us a cigarette box that can boast a special history. The box lid is adorned with the Russian eagle, the national coat of arms. How did it end up in Vardø? Probably brought there by nobilities following the Russian revolution and the Bolshevik ascent to power in We ask her about the Vardø radar. The radar is unfortunate for a town where the relationship with Russia is based on mutual respect.

The Pomor Museum holds this item, amongst others, a Russian cigarette box from with the names of the four daughters of then-Czar Nikolay II engraved.

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It is not like anyone believes that Russia will come here to attack us. However, Russia must show strength, says Yngve Træland. Yngve Træland 69 just disembarked from Hurtigruten and arrives at the Pomor Museum. I dating steder vardø even so curious that I am going up there to see how close I can get before they chase me away.

It obviously holds a massive capacity. I have no idea about the technicalities, but I wonder why they built it so big. Træland draws a parallel to the extensive opposition against wind power that has left its mark on Norway over the past six months.

Have ordinary people had any influence on this? People object strongly to dating steder vardø turbines, but did anyone oppose this?

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It does not look good at all; it dominates the landscape very much. If I had lived here, I would have preferred for it to be built elsewhere, not in the middle of town here. The Pomors were a people living by the sea and also trading along the sea, both eastwards towards Siberia as well as northwestwards, towards the coast of northern Norway.

Init was decided to strip Dating steder vardø of fishing rights in Finnmark County. At the same time, trade routes from Dating steder vardø towards the south opened up. Much of the merchandise formerly acquired from Russia was now cheaper to import from other European countries. For Russian Pomor vessels, it became difficult to reach North Norway.

The Russian revolution in gave rise to deteriorating Pomor trade between Norway and Russia. The last Pomor vessel arrived in After that, it ended. Sources: Store norske leksikon [Norwegian encyclopedia] and Wikipedia. Today, Russia is rather clear that it does not approve of the building of a new radar. They would object, of course. Træland laughs.

Træland roars with laughter. We are not completely naïve. Norway does not operate it. Why do we need it, what do we need it for?

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What are we checking up here, what are we looking after? That is just so naïve. Træland laughs even more. What was it called, that Norwegian exercise that took place here last year? That was practice too, though a lot more extensive, of course. Russia has to show strength, though they are a lot weaker than NATO. They have to keep it up in order not to lose their influence entirely. No one truly believes that Russia will bomb Norway. Does anyone think that? Do people believe that?

Are people in Vardø afraid that they will come here and bomb us? That is just a formality.

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The USA is the one who wants this radar. Yngve Træland, tourist Vardø is an arena for shadow boxing between the East and the West. Up here, we have had cultural and sport exchange with Russia since This, the Russians, they are our brothers. We are all of Russian descent, myself included. This is not a problem for us. This is more of a problem for central authorities. That is how I feel, Bredesen says. Nordpol kro in Vardø resembles a museum, if you disregard the bar counter and the permanent group of men killing time during the day.

Pictures from Vardø town dating back for as long as cameras have existed decorate the walls. Bredesen is the fifth owner of a pub that first opened its doors more than years ago, and he is also a veritable encyclopedia about local and regional history. It can be dated back to In order to be licensed to involve in exports and imports, there were requirements about accommodation opportunities. How do I know? He described the view from dating site i storfjord bedroom window in a letter.

You find the view in that direction. Bredesen points out the window. This house is the outcome of the Pomor era. Right now, I feel more threatened by the USA. We have a president who on Twitter threatens to dating steder vardø war against Iran. Bredesen is quiet for a few seconds.

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Shutting down the border may destroy cultural and sports exchange with Russia, he says. The pub owner nevertheless does not buy in to Moscow repeated utterings against the Vardø radar. It is just like the Conservatives and Labor whenever their parties present some political proposal.

They have to disagree, regardless.

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I have been to Murmansk by boat. Along the Murmansk fjord there is a veritable forest of radars, Bredesen says and adds: - Though I do understand that when American-funded war installations are constructed 30 kilometers from the Russian border … I can understand that there is a reaction.

Street art in the old town Old houses in Østervågen Vardø has a long settlement history before it was granted status as a town in Several stone-age sites as well as sites dating from the Sami Iron Age are known on the island. In the Medieval period, Vardø's importance grew as a result of it being the easternmost stronghold of the then-expanding Norwegian royal power.

Bjørn Bredesen, owner of the Nordpol kro Hard to run a pub in Vardø Nordpol kro is one out of very few places in Vardø where the construction of a new radar can be noticed on the bottom line.

Temporary construction workers and engineers are happy to pop by for a pint after work. And the pub owner freely admits that this represent a welcome addition to the revenues. However, Bredesen would have wanted major investments like the Vardø radar to generate more money to the local community.

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